Data will guide the future of healthcare investment. The future is here.

This century, the world will age, populations will grow, and technology will advance. Demand for healthcare will increase and treatments be more complex and expensive. Smart healthcare investment will be guided by data.

Navigating will require data.

Data is in tens of thousands of peer reviewed articles, patents, and abstracts; NIH databases; FDA archives; corporate releases; mainstream news sources, et. alia. It tells exactly where the cutting edge of healthcare is, and where blockbuster valuation will be created.

  • Which clinical trials (CTs) are happening now? Which medical device patents? What about basic science?
  • How many CTs in each field (i.e. rheumatology, oncology, endocrinology, or dermatology)? How many addressing each disease and pathophysiology? How many for each pathway or mechanism?
  • What are odds of success/failure for a CT or medical device? After Phase I? Phase II? Phase III?
  • Which breakthrough fields are emerging (stem cells, nanotechnology, immunotherapy, etc.)?
  • Where will smart capital go? Which projects are underfunded? Overfunded?
  • What are time frames for CTs to completion or proof of concept (1, 3, 5, 10 years)?
  • Who are Principal Investigators to watch? Which institutions, departments, individual laboratories will be targeted for CT attention?
  • What about epidemiological data? Where will future demand lie? Which demographics and locations?
  • What about healthcare system structural changes? Regulatory changes? Changes in each step of the supply chain? What is impact clinical practice? Impact on treatment usage?

Data needs algorithms.

Data by itself is useless. It must be guided by investment algorithms. Thessalus uses algorithms developed in collaboration with mathematics, statistics, and financial engineering departments at top academic institutions. Algorithms are maximalist, machine-driven, and highly effective.

Our core philosophy.

Thessalus is an investment fund realizing the power of data. Thessalus analyzes, respects, and uses data to guide investment decisions. Our core investment philosophy is applied with consistency and effectiveness. The result is a 21st century investment fund built to win the new frontier that is healthcare.