Thessalus Capital Management

Thessalus is a leading, “data-driven” investment fund targeting the Life Science Sector, specializing in:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnology

  • Diagnostic Tools

  • Medical Devices

Thessalus consistently meets and exceeds clients’ high expectations.

Transactional Experience

Thessalus was spearheaded by medical students and undergraduates from Princeton, Yale, MIT, and top academic institutions. The company has an innovative investment thesis involving machine-driven analysis of healthcare data to guide strategic growth transactions and maximize shareholder value.

Thessalus Capital Management is a specialized investment firm that focuses on U.S. and international healthcare industries with narrow and deep focus in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostic tools, and medical devices. Our strategy is to systematically review subdivisions of the life science sector with a global, research-heavy approach, and then allocate investment in areas of greatest medium- and long-term growth potential.

Thessalus has a data-driven, sector-focused approach to investing in the healthcare market. We invest in life science companies where current healthcare and research data points to unrealized, unprecedented opportunity for a company’s rapid growth, enhanced operational capability, and competitiveness. We invest in healthcare companies and sectors where the firm has specialized knowledge and expertise.

We have attracted a diverse and dedicated team and world-class operating resources. The team has general management and a specialized healthcare skill sets which support the strategic growth and successful track record of the fund. Operations are guided by machine-driven algorithms which are data-driven and statistically sound, created in collaboration with mathematical and engineering faculty at leading academic institutions.