All of our investment strategies reflect our basic investment philosophy. That is, we identify potential sources of return through our applied research efforts, which combine a fundamental analysis with intuition, and are informed by decades of data across the healthcare industry and asset groups.

Fund's investment thesis was conceived in collaboration with mathematical and financial engineering faculty at leading academic institutions, chiefly optimization models Treynor-Black and Black-Litterman. Derivatives and option strategies are employed to provide consistent income from realizing premiums on contracts, establish baseline level of performance in a neutral or negative market, and hedge against short-term volatility.

Equity research process is paired with fundamental analysis which examines company financials including income statements, balance sheet, financial ratios, operational risk, and counterparty risk. This is combined with macro analysis which examines economic fundamentals driving market momentum including monetary/fiscal Policy, growth indicators, inflation, and market/credit risk.

Founding members and current management consists entirely of individuals with medical (MD) and graduate (PhD) credentials at leading medical and academic institutions. Management is strongly connected to research process, possessing deep insights into fundamental financial/clinical value of existing and in-pipeline treatments thereby guiding fund strategy.

Management team has established strong networks into practitioner and buy/sell side of healthcare industry, producing outstanding information pipelines into market momentum. A top priority is aggressively expanding information pipelines, to enhance effectiveness of primary contact research and further develop fund’s fundamental analytical capability for respective companies.

Equity research process is superb, involving rigorous review of thousands of FDA clinical trials, IND applications, peer-review publications, patent approvals, biotech media publications, etc. Comprehensive review process of respective healthcare sectors is initiated and completed on a regular basis.

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